Author Topic: April 15 report on Tahoe side of Rubicon Trail  (Read 1910 times)

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April 15 report on Tahoe side of Rubicon Trail
« on: April 15, 2013, 06:56:11 PM »

> Travel from Top of Cadillac to Tahoe side is NOT recommended. From Cadillac Hill to Tahoma/ Tahoe these are the conditions as of now. In the trees (shade) there is 2' of water + 4' to 6' of Slushee snow on top of that in spots. Downed deadfall trees across the trail with sharp braches under water took out two of my tires ( sidewalls) which is usually non-repairable. Ouch!
> Many downed trees blocking the trail. I cleared some deadfall but more will need to be done later in the spring.
> From Tahoe side going into the staging area, there is solid snow of 300' long with no tracks down to the pavement in areas. However the staging area itself is dry. No trailers can get to the staging area yet ( maybe a couple of weeks).
> I was almost constantly using my double lockers with 2psi in the 46" claws to make progess in the snow. Lots of off-camber snow drifts will push you towards the trees. Expect to use your winch alot, expect body/ mechanical damage and Detained Until Spring conditions ( ).
> BTW I cheat. I lean my rig away from those carbon units with my airbags.
> Small tires/ no lockers/ no winch/ no chainsaw/ no beadlocks/no extremely low tire pressures/ no common sense--------FORGET it. Wait 4+ weeks when its dryer. Then enjoy the trail. Remember to Tread lightly

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