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Coleman Instant Tent 8 ForSale
« on: August 16, 2012, 06:19:40 PM »

Just copy and past the above website & it takes you right to the pics of the tent. We got an extra tent, not needing it. Its still in it's shipping box, never been opened. Retails for 309.99 at Coleman, However we paid 300.00 plus shipping/handling & tax, we're just asking 200.00 firm for it. We have our other one out of the shipping box and can easily show you how to set it up in a minute and take it down. Let us know.
This tent sleeps 8, has a room divider and tent stakes, it takes 2 people to put it up in a minute, I've done it by myself and its about 5 minutes, thank gosh for the tent poles that are in it, no need to put it all together and lay it out and then use 2-4 people to set a big tent like this up. Its truly awesome.

My husband and I used our tent 2 times already and have put a table in it with 2 queen sized raised air mattresses for ourselves and the kids, plenty of space (you can use a table and one bed at a time or 2 beds), plenty of space along the sides and in the center and front for more items. No condensation leaks from the morning dew either, also has roof vents for air circulation. We had it up at Spring Valley for census duty July 13-15, you could have seen it, the one we're selling is still in the shipping box. Let us know if you interested, Shar and Charlie Daniels