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Inland Rescue Swimmer Program
« on: April 14, 2012, 09:40:20 PM »
The wonderful folks that gave us the First Aid / CPR class have created a new class that might be of some interest to some of you.

800-208-2723/530-284-1004 ( )  PO Box 63 Taylorsville, CA 95983
We are super excited to introduce a NEW PROGRAM:
Inland Rescue Swimmer – Basic

The Inland Rescue Swimmer Basic (
) is the core of the new Rescue 3 Rescue Swimmer program.  This class
is aimed for students rescuing in an inland open water environment
such as lakes or ponds of various sizes, as well as flatwater rivers
and park waterfronts. This class is a must do for lifegaurds,
firefighters, EMTs, park rangers, biologists, DFG and FS employees,
professional rescuers and even recreational water enthusiasts who have
flatwater in and around where they work and play!!  The class is lots
of fun, hands on, and scenario based like all Sierra Rescue courses!

The IRS-B will help rescuers improve their swimming technique,
practice victim management and rescue, and introduce swimmer adjuncts.
A strong emphasis is also placed on dealing with victims in the open
water environment including rescue interventions and medical
management.  Students will practice shore and boat based open water
search techniques, recovery of submerged victims, towing and managing
combative and unconscious victims, and using floating backboards and
adjuncts to perform successful rescues!

There is no requirement for the IRS-B other than desire to learn and
some comfort swimming in water.  The first day of the class is spent
in a swimming pool practicing swimming technique, learning about
adjuncts and going over basic skills.  The second day is in an open
water environment and will focus on using the skills developed during
the first day to preform real open water searches and rescues!

Upcoming Course Dates: May 8th-9th & June 9th-10th

Cost: $290/person

To register or learn more click INLAND RESCUE SWIMMER BASIC (
).  If you have a group of 8 or more you can choose your own dates and
we will come to you, or sign up for one of the open enrollment courses
listed on our website.  Feel free to call us at 800-208-2723 or
530-284-1004 with any further questions, or to get signed up!

Thanks and we look forward to seeing you in our new program!!!
Julie Munger & Abigail Polsby - Sierra Rescue - (800)208-2723 - (530)284-1004 -

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