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Mid-Week Snow trip

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Planning on going up with one of my buddies on the 22nd-23rd (Wed-Thursday) to see if we can drive in to my place.  Anyone interested in a fun adventure in the snow?

We got about 6" in sterling last night so figure a foot at philbrook in addition to what was already there. I going to try to go up this weekend with the Paradise 4 wheelers I'll let you know what it looks like if I do.

Can't make the Wed, and by Thurs you will already be in.  Not a sled ride yet, still wheeled.

I would love any feedback on snow conditions you are able to get.  Unlikely to be anyone up there so I want to be as prepared as possible.

We went out the S-line from Inskip Saturday and made it to the sharp turn before that climb up to Jones Meadows. Of the 21 rigs on the run 5-6 went up the hill to Jones Meadows where they said there was 2-3 feet of snow. Because of how warm it was the snow was really sloppy wet. I know another group went towards the High Lakes but I don't know how far they made it.
Let me know what day you're going and if I'm available I go up.


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