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The excavator and crews in The High Lakes
« on: September 22, 2011, 01:09:13 PM »
There is a project going on in The High Lakes, dealing with removal of hazard trees on most of the trails.

There are two excavators and a hand ( chain saw ) crew working the area.

In  some cases they had to make go-arounds on some obstacles, and have a few "root-balls" visible.

The use of mechanical means will NOT go below Henry's  / " pucker point ", nor  below the waterfall on Morris Lake, nor will it touch private properties.  There may be some hand work, beyond the obstacles, but in no way private properties.

Certain Riparian Hazard areas ( water crossing buffers ) will be hand worked, not mechanical means.

We are now in the "loops", all the way to Forest Supervisor in Susanville, as well as District Ranger in Chester, and shouldn't have any more awful surprises

The horrible part of this is that we received zero notice of the event, until after the contractor had been working for two weeks,  and several,  no many, emails have pointed out our displease of being left in the dark, while they operated in a vacuum.  But now there should be wide open conversations, and hopefully signs at the entrance points making all aware of what is going on.

I am assured by the Project Manager, that when they are finished with this seasons work, things will be rehabilitated back as best management practices allow.

In turn, he asks that we ( all users, not just  the responsible ones reading this) to NOT remove any flagging ( blue spots on white and/or yellow and white candystripe ) as they are there to guide the contractor  where each section starts and ends.  Apparently some / many / all were removed over the weekend and we sure don't want to contractor doing more than his map shows

The contractor has to be, by contract, out of the Forest by October 31, but expects to be out a week earlier.  There may be up to possibly two more seasons of this, unless completed this season.

We may also have an opportunity, AFTER he leaves to recreate what we had, or adding more rocks for rehab.  Gawd knows we have plenty of rocks available at the "T".
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