Author Topic: More Pressure Needed Opposing Anti-Gun Legislation in Sacramento  (Read 2086 times)

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More Pressure Needed Opposing Anti-Gun Legislation in Sacramento

Contact your state Senator and Assemblymember TODAY!

The California Senate and Assembly Appropriations Committees are scheduled to hear several anti-gun bills this Thursday, August 25. It is crucial that all California gun owners and sportsmen contact the members of the state Senate and Assembly Appropriations Committee to OPPOSE the following anti-gun legislation and SUPPORT the NRA-backed CCW reform bill.

Assembly Bill 809 would require the registration of long guns and is a direct assault on gun rights.  The only value of registration is to help governments confiscate firearms in the future.  Not only does AB 809 violate Second Amendment rights, but it expands the registry to include rifles and shotguns. It would also be a huge waste of taxpayer money at a time when California is drowning in debt.

Please call and e-mail members of the Senate Appropriations Committee TODAY and urge them to OPPOSE AB 809.

Senate Bill 124 (OPPOSE) would require every hunter and target shooter in the state to be fingerprinted whenever they purchase ammunition and prohibit the mail order purchase of all ammunition. This would include ammunition popular for hunting and sport shooting that has no association with crime.

Senate Bill 819 (OPPOSE) would allow the Department of Justice to use the Dealer Record of Sales (DROS) funds to help pay for enforcement of California firearm possession laws in the Armed & Prohibited Persons Systems program. The DROS fund monies were originally collected from every firearm purchaser to pay for the administrative process for background checks. This bill will divert and drain hundreds of thousands of dollars of DROS fee monies that YOU have paid for background checks. As a result, the DROS fund will certainly run out of money. When it does, they will almost certainly want another increase in the fees YOU PAY for FIREARM background checks.

Senate Bill 610 (SUPPORT) would standardize the application process for a permit to carry a concealed handgun.  SB 610 would also delete the requirement that a CCW applicant obtain liability insurance as a condition of obtaining a CCW permit.

Please call and e-mail members of the Assembly Appropriations Committee TODAY and urge them to OPPOSE SB 124 and SB 819 and SUPPORT SB 610.

Contact information can be found here:


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