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How to get licensed
« on: April 28, 2011, 09:13:34 AM »
There are several ways to get a license to operate a ham radio.  Here is one simple way.

There are three licenses issued by the FCC, in order they are. 

     Technician:  MOST COMMON, The level that allows you to use a ham radio on 2 Meter, ( what is used in The High Lakes, most simplex and repeaters ), 70 cm and other minor areas of the ham band  You need at least a Technician license to operate a ham radio legally.

     General:  The level that opens a LOT more band options, ( pass Technician before taking, but can be same day, at no extra test fee )

     Extra:  Opening all bands, and access ( pass previous two levels, then this one - 50 questions out of 750 question pool )

One simple way is this:

     1) Buy this book and CD:     


          Some prefer this book and CD


          You may be able to borrow from a previous user, or find it in many used book stores, but MAKE SURE if the book is used, that it cover licensing question pools from 2010 - 2014   pools are good only for certain times, and changed July 2010

     2) Take online, free practice tests, until you feel comfortable in passing 85% +   Pool has about 400 questions, you will be asked 35, and can miss 9 and still get licensed.




     3)  Find a testing place and time


          If that schedule doesn't suit you check here:  ( you are Pacific Division,   Sacramento Valley section )

     4)  Wait a few days for your new call sign to post in the database:



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