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We've learned a tremendous amount about what should be in a new planning rule since the Notice of Intent (NOI) was issued last December.  We received over 26,000 written comments on the NOI, over 300 blog comments and have had over 40 public meetings attended by over 3000 people.  We've worked hard to get input from Tribes through our regional and national Tribal roundtables; from scientists through the science forum and scientists' continued involvement throughout the roundtables; from Forest Service employees through various internal feedback mechanisms; and from other federal agencies through the Federal Interagency Working Group.  We're committed to building a proposed rule and draft environmental impact statement (DEIS) that reflect the diverse opinions and common themes that have emerged from the public involvement process. 

We've now entered a new phase of the rule development process.  We are currently finalizing the proposed rule and DEIS for clearance by the Department of Agriculture and Office of Management and Budget.  We expect the proposed rule and DEIS to be published in the Federal Register in late December.

We are committed to keeping planning rule development open, transparent and participatory.  Please take advantage of the following opportunities to stay engaged over the coming months:
* We will continue to send out periodic updates on this listserv.  Encourage other people who you think would be interested to join as well.  Sign-up can be accessed from the right hand column of the planning rule homepage or by going directly to this link -
* Check back often to the planning rule website for the latest information at
* While we won't be looking for additional blog comments on the rule substance until the proposed rule comes out in December, the planning rule blog will continue to host discussions on what the public engagement process should look like when the proposed rule is released. Visit the blog at
* You can also follow the Forest Service on Twitter at

We will seek formal comment on the proposed rule and DEIS, and will hold additional public meetings when the proposed rule and DEIS are published in December.

Thank you again for your involvement in the rule development process.  Your continued participation in the process will be critical to its success. 
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