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I've never been through the Front Country, and I hear this is the time of year to go.  The Big Melt going on up high, and not too hot down low.  I was thinking of a loop trip that went in through Cohasset, link in to Pondorosa Way, across the Peligreen Jeep Trail, then the Grapevine Jeep Trail, and out across one of the slabs depending on the depth of Antelope Creek, then back down Hwy 99.  A full day run, but nothing too difficult.  Anyone?  Any guides out there other than my GPS?

I'm busy this weekend   :(

But take pictures if you can I haven't ever been there either.

We just finished this trip just in reverse. We went in on the Hogsback road side and dropped down to the lower slab. Not a problem crossing the slab at all. Depending on Snow melt that may change. We stayed a couple nights then came out throught cohasset. That was a long day in itself. Probably close to 6-7 hours of driving. Beautifull country to be seen and this is the time of the year to go. Most areas still green, just starting to turn.


--- Quote from: Buneduggy on May 04, 2010, 03:28:25 PM ---That was a long day in itself. Probably close to 6-7 hours of driving.
--- End quote ---

Well is there a better way to see those trails without the seat time or staying overnight?  Come in and out from Hogsback?  Come in from Hwy 32?

If you kept a good pace and just planned on it being a long day it would definately be a beautiful trip with more scenic views than most areas. Great views of Lassen and Shasta.
We came across a mother bear and her cub, found the largest herd of dear I have ever seen. There must have been 80-100 of them bouncing up the hill through the brush.
I am not familiar enough to guide anyone through there from the cohasset side. A good gps and a map can get you a long way. Most all the roads will lead into the same area eventually, some just take you farther around than others.


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