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Editorial: The world has two kinds of people
« on: June 27, 2009, 08:22:12 AM »
Pinched from PBB, an editorial written to the Editor of paper  from Little old Delta Utah.

The world has two kinds of people
Written by Bill Sutton
Wednesday, 24 June 2009 00:00
Dear Editor:

It was sad to realize many years ago that there are only two kinds of people living in our country, two kinds with two different reasons to live. One type lives to be free: to do what they want to do if it doesn't interfere with others, to experience the God-given freedoms that comes from liberty along with the "pursuit of happiness."

They often succeed in business and marriages, ride motorcycles, hike in the wilderness, ride horses, live in a home or on property unencumbered with restrictive laws, and may ride ATVs. They want to live their lives the way they want to live them. They want to live under the rules of the golden, the only rules they know are needed. They don't want to tell you how to live.

The other type lives to make sure YOU live their way, the way THEY want you to live. Very few of these will ever be caught on an ATV. They do hike, ride bicycles and horses, and often drive a Prius. They know exactly what is best for you and for your neighbors. They know, without any doubt, what you have to do and when you should do it. They believe in bigger governments and morality legislation. And, of course they know what is best for our town, the future of the world, the future of our kids, the future of our country, and apparently the future of the universe. They are the very smartest people in that universe. Supposedly the only reason they exist is to make sure YOU do what THEY tell you to do and what you can't do. And if it takes a law, so be it.

These people are everywhere, and will do their best to convince you "everyone" agrees with them and everyone knows that they are correct. But it's just not true, not everyone agrees with them. Not everyone voted for our current president in spite of media slobbering declaring that the whole world loves him.

They seem to overlook the fact he only won by a little over 50 percent of the vote, which was centralized in heavily populated communities. These control freaks are found in mass attendance at every environmental meeting where the primary agenda is to "restrict" use of something. The restrictions, of course, are aimed at YOU, your stinking machines, your noise-making contraption and your carbon-wasting thing. YOU are the problem. They are the solution. Gore is one of them. You decide which. The donkey bunch is under his umbrella, solving for you all those problems that you are too stupid to realize even exist. They feed on fear, doom and gloom and spread it at every opportunity. If THEY don't stop YOU, they say, you will pave everything, destroy the atmosphere, cause the seas to rise above the Empire State Building, raise the temperature to seven zillion degrees, and cause the elimination of almost everything. It is YOUR problem and THEY will solve it in spite of your ignorance and opposition. And, they will solve it without your approval.

Yes, the second type of controlling personalities has taken over our country. Taxes, both hidden and blatant, are combating and foisting the promises of stimulus at every turn. More restrictions and more intrusions on your lives are being introduced at the federal and state and local levels. These arrogant do-gooders will dominate our future after every smidgen of opposition has been eliminated. Reasonable debate is being squelched by using tactics of smear.

More roads and trails are being closed to everyone under the guise of wildlife protection ... or environmental protection. "Protect" is the green word except ... green trees are felled across perfectly good roads for only one reason: keep people out. Even those who are on the fringes of the controlling attitude are starting to feel the result. Bicyclists who want to ban motorized use are now being banned. Horseback riders who hate dirt bikes now find themselves restricted to "designated" trails. Even hikers who hate all those who don't hike are now finding it harder to take one. They are now feeling the loss of freedoms OHV users have felt for many years.

The Forest Service and the BLM have become enforcers rather than managers. Those who live to control you are now in positions of administrative influence. They do what they want to do under the protection of the recently elected administration.

Unless they are challenged, business in their worlds will continue until some revolution stops them. And by that time, it may well be too late. The motorized users, those in the OHV community, have been targeted for massive restrictions and elimination for over two decades. Some desperate optimism was sprinkled in our stew over the past eight years, but it was met with inaction. It is now lost thanks to the devastation actions of power-grabbing environmentalists. Hope for a change is now missing.

The world as we know today is totally alien for those who remember how it was yesterday. Many remember with despair. Some just don't care.

Bill Sutton


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