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Reminder about work party, Saturday June13

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I'm hoping as many as possible can show up, and plan on having some fun.  Meeting early at Spring Valley.

We'll have lots of signs to put up, should have 50 ton of rock to move to mud holes, so trailers are sure needed.  Bring hammers and shovels for signs, chain saws for downed trees. Maybe rakes for campsites.

I have plenty of garbage bags and gloves.

All of you ham radio ops we'll be simplex on 146.445 unless we need to go to a repeater,  but you have use of call sign K6A  all week, as in K6A Bear Lake,  K6A Ben Lomond, K6A Soda Ridge,  K6A Base   and only have to ID once an hour, rather than every ten minutes.  Check out the new ham radio tab on FOTHL web site.

Hope to see you there.


nicely done

im in. early as in you're spending the night friday and waking up early saturday or your cruising up early sat. a.m.? lets do work!

My current plan is to boogie up early Saturday morning.  To be ready for 8:00 am start.

Seems easier than tent up and down...   to spend the night.. For me, anyway.

Just heard we WILL have a load of rock, maybe 25 ton, maybe 50 ton,  to move from the Lotts Lake T to various  mud holes, so any trailers would sure be welcome.


seems my atlas is broke  :(  hoping I can get it fixed in time, but it's not looking good.


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