Author Topic: Great news for Fordyce Creek Trail  (Read 2475 times)

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Great news for Fordyce Creek Trail
« on: April 25, 2009, 08:19:02 PM »
It's official! We knew it all along but now BFG recognizes the Fordyce Trail as OUTSTANDING!!

BF Goodrich will be at Sierra Trek 2009 and will award the Friends of Fordyce a $4000 grant to be used for trail work as well as recognizing the trail as one of the most outstanding in the US. We couldn't have done it without your help and dedication. Thank you all so much and you'll be seeing the return in the form of some new equipment as needed as well as more food and drinks at the major work days this year. New FOF t-shirts will also be available at work days and events this year. Let's keep this trail going strong!

**Trail Opening Run**
Date: May 23-25, 2009      Time: 8 am      Place: Indian Springs trail head

Come one and all to our trail opening run. Even if some hearty souls run the
trail before us there will still be plenty to do and fun to be had. Last year several large trees had to be
removed from the trail in our quest to reach Meadow Lake. We'll clear the trail, check out the area of the
proposed mud hole re-route and see what else needs to be attended to on this run. Plan to stay all
three days and you'll be sure to have a ton of fun and get some good work in too. The creek crossing on the
way to Winch Hill 3 always needs some clearing out and the area before Winch Hill 5 needs a bunch of
rock thrown in. We hope to see members from Adopt-a-Trail clubs Four Dice and Webilt there. Bring your
gloves and tools.

FOF trip guidelines:
The Fordyce trail is a 10+ rock crawling experience. All volunteers should
come prepared with a well set up rig carrying adequate spares, repair materials and recovery

We believe in the Tread Lightly principles and encourage all participants to
make sure their rigs are free of all dirt and noxious weeds from other areas before hitting the
trail. Please make sure no major oil leaks exist on your vehicle and wipe all oil o_ before you start the
trail. In addition, we highly recommend checking the rig at each water crossing before entering the water.

Remember to pack out what you pack in. This includes human waste. We use the PETT toilet system by Phillips Environmental and highly recommend using it for your trail sanitation needs.


Bret Preble


Friends of Fordyce


Congratulations to Bret and his FoF team, and those who adopted it.


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