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Christmas Tree Permits 2008
« on: October 08, 2008, 10:22:53 AM »
Christmas Tree Cutting Permit

Christmas Tree.Christmas Tree Permits will once again be available starting November 1st, and will be sold through December 15th. Each permit allows the harvesting of one Christmas tree from Lassen National Forest lands. Permits will sell for $10.00 each, and the maximum allowed per household is two permits. Along with the Christmas Tree Permit tag, purchasers are provided a Christmas Tree Cutting Guide containing a map of cutting areas, requirements and restrictions, and helpful tips.

Tree cutters are reminded to "Be Prepared" for sudden weather changes and colder conditions when in higher elevations. A fun family outing can become miserable and even dangerous with a quick change of weather for the unprepared. The permits expire on December 25th however forest officials recommend cutting your tree early in the season before the higher elevations are snow bound. Trees can stay fresh for quite some time if cared for correctly.

Permits are for personal use only and can be obtained from any of our Ranger District Offices, either in person or by mail (order form [12kb]). -->   (even though the form says 2007 - I've notified them)


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