Author Topic: Fire Restrictions Lifted in Lassen N.F. midnight 10-6-08  (Read 2824 times)

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Fire Restrictions Lifted in Lassen N.F. midnight 10-6-08
« on: October 06, 2008, 12:40:53 PM »
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE, October 6, 2008                    LAS 09-01
For TDD assistance, please dial (530) 252-6624.


The Lassen National Forest will lift fire restrictions beginning midnight Monday October 6, 2008 in northeastern California.
With the recent cooler weather and rain officials have reevaluated the current situation and lifted all fire restrictions.
Lifting restrictions means that forest visitors can have campfires outside of developed campgrounds and recreation sites (campfire permits are required) and that chainsaws can be used all day on National Forest lands.
  “With the recent precipitation, the fire danger has decreased and allows us to lift restrictions,” commented Lorene Guffey, Fire Management Officer for the Lassen National Forest.  “However, this does not mean that fire danger does not exist. We are still in fire season and conditions remain dry in many areas.”
Fire officials remind forest visitors to keep campfires small and be sure they are dead out and cold to the touch before leaving camp. Vehicles may not be driven off roads.  Woodcutting is allowed on federal lands and the 1:00 p.m. (hoot owl) restriction will be lifted. Woodcutters need to have valid woodcutting permits and chainsaws must be equipped with spark arresters.
    For more information contact the Lassen National Forest (530) 257-2151 or go to

Before someone asks,  yes, chainsaw restrictions have also been lifted, *IF* the saw  has a proper spark arrester, *AND* wood is being cut for clearing down fall, or a camp fire.  A woodcutting permit is still required to leave the Forest with wood.
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