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« on: September 20, 2008, 10:36:31 AM »
Many of you are veterans with a GPS, I just became a proponent, and strong supporter of the need to always carry one with you.  I have a Garmin 60Csx

Within the last week I have heard two stories that makes one's spine chill, and goes to the core of why  one "should never leave home without one".

If someone never leaves the dirt super highway ( Lotts Lake to Morris Lake ) at the High Lakes, it might not be needed,  but if one ever goes into unfamiliar territory, or even loses their way, ever, how can one get home, without maps, compass and more importantly and better a  GPS.  Push one button when leaving home or the truck,  and you can always follow the bread crumbs back.

In one case two motorcycle riders parked their truck and within an hour became hopelessly lost in a canyon, spent the night, and had to pay $ 800.00 for a helicopter lift of two bikes home.  And they were within walking distance of Magalia!

In the other instance a driver left a highway, while destination being entirely on a highway, got on a dirt road, followed it until he got into a closed area, and hopelessly buried , stuck and broken down.  Somehow got back to be able to get a second vehicle, from a different direction get to the same spot to get the first truck out, got the second one hopelessly buried as well.

He then attempted to find his way out, getting lost for 4 days, started at least one fire (which still burns, 20+ acres), and had search and rescue to find him.

In times past, a GPS unit was very expensive...   but these days most GPSs can be bought for far less than half of that helicopter trip.  In fact I saw an ad the other day for one Garmin GPS that cost less than $ 40.00  [this offer expires 9/30/08]

They go up from there, with one with all the bells and whistles costing less than $ 400.00   but that $ 40.00 one would have gotten both groups back home with no lost nights in the woods and no helicopter rides, no forest fires to be charged with starting.  There are plenty in the $ 150.00 range, too.  Features is the difference.  Features many won't use or need.

Google GPS and you'll find hundreds of sources, and models, and features.  I found in the end that had a wide selection and better prices than most.  [disclaimer, no affiliation or connection with any links here, other than satisfied customer.]

Think about the stress and worry you could save those back home,  and the costs involved with getting lost.

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And....If you are lost, broke down or stranded......and, your cell phone works (or your Ham radio)......give our Dispatcher your Lat. and Long. We can get to you much quicker that way without searching half of the country!
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