Author Topic: Tahoe N.F. Route Designation update  (Read 2454 times)

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Tahoe N.F. Route Designation update
« on: September 17, 2008, 08:00:55 AM »
                           Tahoe National Forest
                    Travel Management/Route Designation
                           September 2008 Update
Hi all:

Finally, our Tahoe National Forest Travel Management Draft Environmental
Impact Statement (DEIS) is close to completion! We expect to have it
available on September 26, 2008, to start a 2-month public comment period.
The document will be on line and you will be notified of the web address
when it is available.  For those of you that requested a document or CD,
those will also be mailed to you.

We have scheduled two different types of meetings to help you review the
DEIS.  There will be an open house in the afternoon and then a public
meeting in the evening at each of the dates/locations listed below.  The
purpose of these sessions, however, is not to take public comment but
instead to provide an overview of the DEIS and to answer your questions so
that it will be easier for you to comment.

Open House/Meeting Dates:
October 1 – Nevada City – Nevada City Elks Lodge – 518 Hwy 49 North
October 3 – Sierraville – Sierraville Ranger Station, 317 So Lincoln Hwy,
(Hwy 89)
October 7 – Truckee/Olympic Valley – Resort at Squaw Creek, 400 Squaw Creek
October 9 – Auburn – The Ridge Golf Course, 2020 Golf Course Way

Open Houses  in the afternoons between  3:00 pm – 5:00 pm:  Various
displays and large scale maps will be available for review.  Visitors will
be able to talk one-on-one to members of the planning team and view the
displays of interest to them.

Orientation Meetings in the evenings at 6:30 pm:  The planning team and
Forest Supervisor Tom Quinn will share an overview of the Travel Management
process, the DEIS, its purpose, timeline, various alternatives, and affects
of alternatives.  There will also be a limited amount of time during the
meeting and after the meeting to answer specific questions.

Thanks for your interest. We look forward to meeting with you again and to
begin the discussion regarding this document.  It is a DRAFT.  We are
interested in your views and in a good, productive discussion about
motorized travel in the Tahoe National Forest.  We recognize this is a
passionate topic, but hope we can all share in a constructive dialog.

Future Meetings/Discussions:   In addition, as time progresses during the
comment period, there will be other opportunities to ask questions and to
share your thoughts with us.   We will send that information to you later
in the fall.

Mailing addresses:  Please remember to send us any changes to your email
address.  We get many, many rejected messages after each update.  If you
know of folks that would like to be on our mailing list, please have them
contact Ann Westling ( with their email address.

Ann Westling
Tahoe National Forest
Public Affairs Officer
(530) 478-6205

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Re: Tahoe N.F. Route Designation update
« Reply #1 on: September 18, 2008, 05:14:11 AM »
Never ceases to amaze me that they can hold these meetings hours away from the forest and it's primary user group