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Notice of intent DEIS - Tahoe National Forest
« on: December 14, 2007, 10:42:23 AM »
Tahoe National Forest
               Route Designation/Travel Management Planning
                           December, 2007 Update

Message from Steve Eubanks, Forest Supervisor:
I'd like to wish you all a happy holiday season and to thank you for your
continued interest and assistance in this project.  Many of you have spent
quite a bit of time this past year assisting us with the following:
·     Maintaining both the motorized and non-motorized trail system;
·     Maintaining various facilities when our funding was reduced;
·     Providing support for our grant requests;
·     Helping to transport the interdisciplinary team to some of the
out-of-the-way trail locations for site analysis;
·     Helping to document the trail and trailhead conditions;
·     Reviewing the proposed action document released for public comment
last spring and submitting your comments;
·     And a host of other efforts.

As funding gets tighter, the number of recreationists increase, and demands
on the National Forest resources grow, it is important that we all work
together to resolve these issues locally.  If we are to develop an optimal
system of motorized roads and trails while minimizing impacts to
non-motorized recreation and protecting forest resources, we need to work
together.  I commend everyone that has participated in this travel
management/route designation effort and encourage you all to continue to
think creatively in developing the range of opportunities this forest has
to offer.

Thanks for your continued interest and help on this project!

Steven T. Eubanks
Forest Supervisor

Progress on Completing the Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS)
The interdisciplinary team has been working diligently on the DEIS and it
is almost complete. It was submitted to the Pacific Southwest Regional
Office for review.  Based on the advice we receive from the review, we hope
to have it ready for public distribution and comment later this winter.

The Draft Environmental Impact Statement will assess 3 questions:
1)    Which of the unauthorized routes should be added to our existing
system of roads and motorized trails and which should be closed to
motorized use?
2)    Should seasonal closures be placed on roads or trails to minimize
damage to forest resources and what should those seasons be?
3)    Are there safety concerns due to unlicensed vehicles/riders using the
same roads as licensed vehicles?  (Example – Youngsters riding ATVs on
smoother surface roads along with passenger vehicles at higher speeds)

In the DEIS, a range of alternatives has been developed and which provide a
variety of answers to the above questions. These alternatives are based on
the public comments received last spring.    The DEIS will also look at the
effects of each alternative.

How do you want to review the DEIS?
After the DEIS is released, there will be a public comment period.  The
DEIS is quite large, however.  Due to the cost of printing and mailing such
a document, we encourage as many people as possible to review it on line.
Please click on the following link below to identify how you wish to review
the document and if there are elements that you would like to be sent via
hard mail.  If we do not get the form back from you, we will assume that
you will review it on line.  Please respond back by January 14, 2008.

Additional Information on the Route Designation Process
For background information on this route designation process, log onto the
Tahoe National Forest website .  If you would like
to be added or deleted from the Route Designation e-mail list, contact Ann
Westling, (530) 478-6205. If your name rejects from any
mailings due to out-of-date email address or address change, your address
will be deleted from the mailing list.  If you have specific questions
about this process, contact the following:  Dave Arrasmith – ID Team Leader
(530) 478-6220.

REMEMBER – click on the following link to let us know if you want to
receive some of the DEIS components by the regular mail!

Thanks for your interest! Happy Holidays!

Ann Westling
Tahoe National Forest
Public Affairs Officer
(530) 478-6205

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