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Route Designation Workshops
« on: October 23, 2007, 10:46:48 AM »
The following information about Lassen N.F.'s Route Designation Process is important to all of the rest of L.N.F., BUT NOT AT ALL HIGH LAKES SPECIFIC.

Since The High lakes OHV area has been pulled from the RDP for "special handling" these meetings will deal with all of the rest of L.N.F., and the only mention of The High Lakes will be the schedules and planning for that, but NOT specifics or more than a status discussion.

But this process is extremely important IF you use or want to use the rest of the Forest, like Ashpan, Front Country, Potato Patch, or those areas outside of the High Lakes OHV area.

This first part is from Liz Norton:  (followed by two longer .doc files of importance.)

Hello everyone - The Lassen NF has sent our Notice of Intent (NOI) to the
Federal Register to be published this week.  Below is a copy of the NOI and
the news release that you'll see shortly in the newspapers announcing our
upcoming workshops.

We would appreciate it if you shared this information with your networks,
post on your organization's website, and encourage people to attend one of
the workshops.  The maps and NOI should be posted on our website today.

I know OHV enthusiasts will be very disappointed in the low number of miles
that are included in this NOI.  This is just one alternative that we will
be analyzing in our environmental impact statement (EIS) and it may not be
our preferred alternative either.  I believe we can offer far more OHV
opportunities than what is currently shown here.  It may take several years
to designate the most desirable OHV routes, so please don't lose hope that
this can happen.

One of the most serious constraints to immediately offering legal OHV
opportunities is the California Vehicle Code (CVC) and the interpretation
that higher standard (called passenger car) National Forest gravel and
graded dirt roads fall under the CVC definition of a "highway."  Green
sticker (non-street legal vehicles such as quads and dirt bikes) can not
legally ride on FS "highways."

I believe this interpretation is in error and, if not, the CVC should be
amended to exempt NF dirt and gravel roads.  Under the CVC, "roughly graded
logging and service roads" are NOT considered highways.  Most FS roads fit
this definition - they were constructed for log haul and other forest
management activities.  However, the California Highway Patrol considers FS
passenger car roads "highways."  On the Lassen NF, green sticker vehicles
have been safely riding on our passenger car roads for decades.  This use
will soon come to an end when the FS is obligated to enforce the CVC on all
National Forests, not just the Lassen.

I know there are efforts to deal with the CVC.  The advocacy from OHV
organizations is important to address this issue.

Elizabeth Norton
Lassen National Forest
2550 Riverside Drive
Susanville, CA  96130
Phone:  530-252-6645
FAX:    530-252-6428

Here is the announcement that went to The Federal Register:

Uploaded for your download, or viewing "pleasure" - there is some important stuff here:

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Re: Route Designation Workshops
« Reply #1 on: October 23, 2007, 07:27:32 PM »
I put in quite a few routes in Phase 2 and 3.  Not a single inch of the ULA-type routes I use and documented were seen fit to keep by the -ologists running the LNF.  Not a single inch, including the historic road into Philbrook, which has probably had more traffic on it over the last century than any other road up there.  Not exactly a user-created route.  For goodness sakes, this is the road the Forest Service used for 50 years.  Seems to have made it this far, but I guess there are people that know what is best for me in the government.  Not a single inch.  Thanks a bunch LNF.  I'll be going.  I gotta hear this explanation.
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