Author Topic: John Doolittle working on RDP in general, Eldo specifically  (Read 2565 times)

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John Doolittle working on RDP in general, Eldo specifically
« on: September 18, 2007, 06:21:53 PM »
And John Stewart adds this to his copy of the same memo.

Congressman Doolittle has always been a good supporter.

It is important that everyone in his district acknowledge their appreciation of the effort he has put forth.

BTW, according to the political sludge-pot, Doolittle is expected to face a serous challenge this next election cycle.

If we want "friends in high places", we need to see they remain in office.

From the AMA D36 Board..

Re: URGENT-Route Designation El Dorado NF


9/18 - Congressman John Doolittle is meeting in Washington D.C. with senior members of the USDA, to discuss this USFS Route Inventory process. He understands the dilema, and after meeting with OHV folks including the LAO, he called for this meeting to clarify some of the issues the OHV community is having with the roll out of the Route Invetory Program, and is using the El Dorado NF as an example of why the American Public is concerned, angry, frustrated and is calling for more answers as to why this process is one of closure dominated alternatives while the sport of OHV has grown 15 fold in recent years and over 600% in the last 30 years. While monetary reasons are often cited, Doolittle was frustrated as California OHV riders have contributed over $100 million dollars to the USFS for forests in California to SUPPLEMENT the USFS for OHV activity, and was the only state to pay $12 million to assist in the GPS/Trail Mapping process via its "Green Sticker" program.
Doolittle has contacted Congressman Dan Lungren and Wally Herger, as they represent OHV with forests in their jurisdictions. As the RI process rolls out throughout California with its 19 forests, other Congressional representatives will be brought up to speed by the public and those listed above.
Doolittle agreed that the public was not, and is not, well served by the short Public Comment periods on such complicated documents............

Again, all riders who make comments should send a copy of their comments to the Congress person where they live, as well as a copy to Congressman Doolittle - especially on comments concerning the El Dorado. He will copy for his files, and forward a copy to the Congressional representative that covers where you live. Dave Plag, Doolittles District Director, forwarded a copy to Speaker Nancy Pelosi for those of you that live in San Francisco just recently....
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