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Forest Closure of the Lake Davis Area
« on: August 26, 2007, 12:43:18 PM »
August 24, 2007
Plumas National Forest
News release #07-36
P.O. Box 11500
Quincy, CA  95971
Contacts:  Michele Jimenez-Holtz (530) 283-7744 or Lee Anne Schramel Taylor
(530) 283-7850

                   Forest Closure of the Lake Davis Area

Plumas National Forest Supervisor Alica Carlton announced that a temporary
public safety closure of Lake Davis, its shorelines, and all its
tributaries will go into effect on September 4, 2007.  The closure is part
of the California Department of Fish and Game’s (CDFG)  implementation of
the Lake Davis Pike Eradication Project.    The closure area will include:
Lake Davis, the shorelines, all its tributaries, all land upslope of these
water bodies to the ridge tops of the Freeman Creek watershed, and all
campgrounds, boat launches, and day use sites in the Lake Davis Recreation
Area.  The closure will remain in effect until the tributaries and Lake
Davis are found to be free of rotenone constituents.

The pike eradication project was approved after consideration of the joint
Environmental Impact Report/Environmental Impact Statement for the project,
which was prepared by CDFG and the Forest Service in accordance with the
California Environmental Quality Act and the National Environmental Policy

The Lake Davis Closure Area begins at the intersection of Plumas County
Road 126 (Lake Davis Road) with Forest Road 24N10 (Camp 5 Road); then east
along Plumas County Road 126 to the intersection of Plumas County Road 112
(Grizzly Road) and Forest Road 24N06 (Crocker Mountain Road); then north
along Turner Ridge to the intersection of Forest Road 24N08 (Bagley Pass
Road) and Forest Road 24N09; then west along Turner Ridge to a point
approximately 4 miles northwest of Lake Davis at Forest Road 25N10; then
southwesterly towards Plumas County Road 112 to a point just south of its
intersection with Forest Road 24N54 (near Little Summit Lake); then
southeasterly along Grizzly Ridge to near the intersection of Forest Road
23N82 and Forest Road 24N12 (Willow Creek Road); then easterly over Smith
Peak; then continuing easterly for about 3 miles to the point of beginning.
It is anticipated that the outer roads will be re-open first, as the
tributaries are expected to clear sooner than the lake.

The closure order and related map will be posted on the Plumas National
Forest website,  For more information,
contact Lori Wood at the Beckwourth Ranger District,
(530) 836-2575, or visit the California Department of Fish & Game website,  The CDFG has also established an information line for
this project, (530) 832-4754.
Key points:

   1)  A temporary closure at Lake Davis Recreation Area will go into
   effect on September 4, 2007.

   2)  For more information contact Lori Wood, (530) 836-2575, the
   California Dept. of Fish & Game website, or
   information line, (530) 832-4754.

   3)  The closure order and related map may be found at the Plumas
   National Forest website,

Michele Jiménez-Holtz
Public Affairs Specialist
Plumas National Forest
P.O. Box 11500
Quincy, CA  95971
Fax:  (530)283-7719

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