Author Topic: Strategy of Lassen N.F. in Route Dez Process  (Read 2652 times)

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Strategy of Lassen N.F. in Route Dez Process
« on: July 26, 2007, 08:23:55 PM »
We are here, right now with August 1 deadline.   This is what they are saying their "strategy" is:

Discussion Draft Maps

The discussion draft maps reflect the following strategy we used to propose changes in our forest transportation system.

  1. Provide access to historically used recreation sites such as dispersed campsites, fishing sites, scenic vistas, etc.
  2. Focus on changes to our current road system to provide loop opportunities and long distance tours on Forest Service roads. This includes proposals to reduce maintenance levels on existing Forest Service roads to allow travel by Green Sticker vehicles and proposed mixed use on some Forest Service and County roads to provide connectors to other off-highway vehicle (OHV) routes. The Forest Supervisor has decided the Lassen National Forest will comply with the California Vehicle Code, which allows mixed use on segments of “forest highways” if three miles or less.
  3. The designation of non-system routes were proposed where needed to link with Forest Service roads, campgrounds or communities to provide an OHV opportunity where appropriate.
  4. Non-system routes that crossed private property were not recommended.
  5. Non-system routes that encroached on State highways were, for the most part, not recommended.
  6. Non-system routes that paralleled permitted power lines on national forest lands were generally not recommended and will require consultation with the permit holder.

All routes that the public commented on last fall were screened against our resource, social, and economic indicators [85kb]. Some routes have not been proposed due to the following:

  1. There are numerous resource constraints associated with the route such as archaeological, riparian, or wildlife impacts, etc.
  2. The Forest Service has no public right-of-way across private property and the route can not be designated until legal access is obtained from the landowner.
  3. The route encroaches onto a State highway with public safety issues.
  4. The route is a short spur or does not provide a link to a longer system of routes for an OHV opportunity. The social value and riding experience were considered low.
  5. The route is located in a subwatershed that already has a high road density that exceeds management direction in our Forest Plan.
  6. Portions of the route are not sustainable because they cross steep slopes with erosive soils.
  7. The Forest Service does not have the ability to maintain the route.

You may print off the quarter quad maps of the areas you are interested in and review the routes that have been initially proposed for designation. If you feel there is a serious omission in the discussion draft maps, please complete a short feedback form and send us this information postmarked no later than August 1, 2007. You do NOT have to re-submit the comments that you sent us last fall.

This new feedback form is designed to capture your comments about gaps in the proposed transportation system for travel by Green Sticker vehicles and if we missed a route that provides access to a dispersed camp site or other recreation site, etc. We tried to capture all of these sites on the discussion draft, but because there are so many of them throughout the forest, we may have missed a few that you like to camp at.


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