Author Topic: Klamath NF: Recreation Site - Facilities Master Plan  (Read 2401 times)

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Klamath NF: Recreation Site - Facilities Master Plan
« on: July 24, 2007, 03:07:04 PM »
Klamath NF: Recreation Site - Facilities Master Plan


Many of the Klamath's developed recreation sites were built 30-50 years ago. Since then, visitor preferences and demographics have changed. Some sites no longer serve projected recreation demand; some facilities are in poor shape and do not meet visitors' expectations. To respond to these conditions and national direction, the forest is implementing the Recreation Site Facility Master Planning (RS-FMP) process for 45 of its most developed recreation sites (see list of sites). The result of RS-FMP is a program of work with a list of prioritized actions to more effectively manage these recreation sites. This program of work will be consistent with the Route Designation process also underway, and Recreation Enhancement Act implementation.

What Is RSFMP?

RS-FMP is an analysis tool developed nationally to help forests align their developed recreation sites with the unique characteristics of the forest, projected recreation demand, visitor expectations, and revenue. National forests across the country are undertaking this process. RS-FMP is driven by four strategic goals:

1. Provide recreation opportunities best suited for the national forest;
2. Operate and maintain recreation sites to meet national quality standards;
3. Eliminate/reduce recreation-site deferred maintenance.
4. Enhance recreation experiences.

Public Participation

We recognize the importance of these sites and welcome your comments and suggestions during this process. Your participation is important to ensure that the results of the RS-FMP process meet visitor needs and offer the best recreation opportunities in places important to people.

The Klamath is exploring four key topics during Step 2 to develop the recreation Niche for the forest and would like to hear from you on these topics. To view and respond to these topics, click here, or go to page three of the RS-FMP Recreation Opportunity Guide.

Forest recreation managers invite you to work with them to identify how to best address these sites and specifically react to the proposed program of work. We plan to have preliminary results of the proposed program of work for public review later this fall. For more information about RS-FMP, please refer to the More Information box on the right side of the screen.

If you have specific questions, want to be put on the RS-FMP mailing list for future notification, or wish to more actively participate, please feel free to contact Jerry Mosier at (530) 841-4487.

Additional information and Project Documents are available at:

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