Author Topic: Eldorado N.F. plan is out ... bad news to users  (Read 2704 times)

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Eldorado N.F. plan is out ... bad news to users
« on: July 16, 2007, 04:50:20 PM »
Letters from ELDO Forest and Cal4Wheel President

If you recreate or want to in Eldorado N.F. and that includes the areas adjacent to the Rubicon !  Get involved.
The Rubicon itself including the trail and 25 FEET on either side of the center line is safe, but most spurs and camping areas are not.

Oh, and since Eldorado N.F. is slightly ahead of Lassen N.F. in the schedule of things to come, we are paying close attention there, too.  - and it ain't pretty there.


Cal4Wheel Prez. says:

Jason may be pleased to announce that the DEIS is out for the Eldorado Forest but the plan is a killer for OHV use. There are five alternatives in the plan. Alt A is no action and alt E is to close the forest. The FS preferred plan is D, just above closure. If you recreate in the Eldorado NF you MUST come to one of the public meetings or write a comment letter on the plan or the forest will disappear. As we have been told in our conference calls it is the public interest and public input that they want to see. CA4WDC will be taking a formal role with comments on the plan but CA4WDC can not save the forest, only the public outcry to a bad plan will.

Don Spuhler
Jason Nedlo (Eldorado N.F. Route Dez. lead) says:

Hi Everyone,

I am pleased to announce that a Travel Management Update and the Travel Management Draft Environmental Impact Statement are now available on the Eldorado National Forest website. To access the latest project update, including the dates, times and locations of the public information meetings, as well as information on submitting comments, click on the following link:

To access the Travel Management DEIS,  click on this link:

If you have trouble following any of these links, copy and paste the address into your browser or follow the route designation links on the ENF


I look forward to seeing many of you at the public information meetings,

Jason Nedlo

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