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News from Lassen National Forest
« on: July 11, 2007, 10:21:14 PM »
Susanville, CA…. With the recent mild weather and spring time conditions, access onto the National Forest has occurred earlier than usual. In many places roads and adjacent areas are wet and saturated. There have been recent incidents of resource damage from irresponsible Off Highway Vehicles (OHV) use. This has resulted in costly road damage and negative impacts to fish and wildlife. “I encourage individuals who either witness, or have knowledge of illegal OHV riding, or damage from these activities to contact the Lassen NF” said Al Vazquez, Almanor District Ranger.

With the number of OHV operators rapidly growing every year, the repeated and often unintentional misuse of an OHV can quickly create environmental damage. By using common sense and taking a few precautions, OHV operators can assure that the areas on the Lassen NF they frequent will remain available and in good condition.
Here are a few helpful tips:

    • Stay on established roads or other designated routes.
    • Avoid areas that are wet, this will not only prevent damage to the area, but will save your vehicle from possible damage and getting stuck.
    • Sensitive wildlife habitat such as wetlands, streams, meadows, and fields should be avoided.
    • Avoid side slipping which can start a rut, ultimately leading to erosion.
    • Avoid “spooking” livestock and wildlife, slow down and keep voices low.
    • Cross streams at fording points only.

Individuals who are caught causing resource damage will be prosecuted and can be fined $5,000, six months in jail or both. In addition to this, restitution costs for restoring damage may be sought from those individuals.

Anyone wishing to know more or report information may contact the following offices:

Almanor Ranger District (530) 258-2141

Lassen National Forest Headquarters (530) 257-2151.

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