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Title: Some rework...
Post by: BattleWagon on April 12, 2010, 09:53:48 AM
Well I figured I would update this section (its been a while since someone has posted in here) with a few simple mods that I'v been working on this past week..

A little history to fill you in... I made my sliders about 4 years ago, along with my front and rear bumper. The issue is, that  sliders were not originally plated, they were  just welded to the frame. So now I have cut them off, plating them and now remounting them... This way they will never be bent back up into my body... That shit was really annoying, rattled like a bitch after every trip..

Then recently I purchased a used Budbuilt trac bar, got a great deal.. ;D ;D But when I went to have a shop install the bar (because i want a 220V Welder to do the job). They did a half ass job, in my opinion. So now i have pulled the bar off and in the process of plating it. As well as reinforcing all the mounting locations....

A few pics to help..

Cut off..

A little Clean up..

in the process of remounting..

About an inch of room..


A few Trac Bar pics..


Some tired tools....:welder::saw:
Title: Re: Some rework...
Post by: BattleWagon on April 12, 2010, 09:57:31 AM
A few more pictures of Sundays work...

This time around I took my time and plated it with gussets, at least on one side for now. I will reinforce the others shortly..

I also got to work on plating the area between the new tracbar mount and the stock crossmember.  still lots to do....:D





Title: Re: Some rework...
Post by: BattleWagon on July 22, 2010, 06:20:09 AM
Here is the latest updates.......

I finally finished my sliders and moved on to finishing the trac bar. The original Trac bar mounts were a little weak in my opinion..

Original Rear Mount...

New Boxed and gusseted rear mount...


Painted and mounted.

All looks good except i had some clearance issues with the Trac bar and my Exhaust. Exhaust and a shock. and exhaust and rear leaf... 

I have worked out the TB and exhaust as well as the exhaust and rear left contact issue. The new project is making new upper and lower shock mounts as well as adding the Ubolt Flip kit and Timbrens that I recently picked up.

Title: Re: Some rework...
Post by: BattleWagon on July 22, 2010, 06:24:06 AM
Today after work I decide to pull the bed off. The reason being that i need to redo my upper and lower rear shock mounts and having the bed off makes it a lot easier....

mmmm... maybe a tube bed....





Rear Bumper mounts... Now that I have the bed off I can actually get some full pen on the top...
Just need to do a little cleaning...



The mounting plates just had a few passes on it when they were built...


I was finally able to get some time to finishing the rear wiring and making one plate for the Passenger rear side frame rail. I still have to make the driver side plate, finishing welding, adding new 2x3 1/4 stock for upper shock mount, lower shock mounts, ubolt flip kit, bumpstops, new shocks, Co2 mount, patching the bed's old unused holes... and more and more..... :rolleyes:

So still a lot of work before Cleg... Just need to bust ass this weekend...:

The work Shop..

And Table..


The towing hookup.. had to rewire it. the original owner did not do as clean of an installation as possible..


Soldered and heat wrapped...



1st plate, came out pretty clean...:D:saw::welder:

Title: Re: Some rework...
Post by: BattleWagon on July 22, 2010, 06:30:49 AM
I finished the new upper crossmember and did the final fit with the new shocks... I may have over shoot the length just a little bit. I will have to do some flexing to test it out.. Also on another note, my damm Tracbar keeps giving me issues. So I might just end up removing it for the Cleg run and worry about it later... Here are some pics of the new set up..





Here are some pics of the 5150's after they were sitting on the truck for two nights... Did not even drive on them... Bull shit... Now a lot of the 5150's are on backorder..




So I end up exchanging them with a new set of 5150's on Monday the 17th then when I got home I noticed that they were the wrong valving.....Mother fuckers...  So now I'm waiting for the third set to arrive this Tuesday... Then maybe I can actually get my Fucking rig back on the trails....


Here are a few shots of the finished "ReWork"  that I was doing on the rear shock mounts, trac bar, and sliders... (only shots of the rear shocks..:flipoff4:)

Still plan on 4.88's in the very near future. already have one of the two... just keep going back and forth with either an ARB in the front or a lockright:dunno:.... mainly its money right now.:banghead:.. but its wheelin season is too..:driving::camping::driving:

And i just felt another earthquake while writing this....wholy shit...pretty good one.... 5.9... outside of Ocotillo Wells

Came out ok...

Plenty of room...:D

Wiring all cleaned up.. Looks a whole lot bettter than before

Tow ready.... Little easier to read now..

Rear Mount..

New ubolts

Bed on..

 Welded up some old holes... also mounting location for new Co2 mount..

Perhaps its time to give this rusty can a coat of paint..
Title: Re: Some rework...
Post by: BattleWagon on July 22, 2010, 06:33:48 AM
So just giving an update on what’s up... nothing special..

So I Finished the rear shocks, UBolt flip kit twice:banghead:, bumpstops, Co2 Mount, seconday tool box and cooler tie downs, swaybar disconnects, and slider relocation.. The trac bar is on hiatus right now... There are issues that need to be addressed before running it. 

So when I got the Ubolt Flip kip it came with 05+ Ubolts.:mad:   But I did not realize that there was an issue utile I was done. So a few emails back and forth between Pepe at All Pro and all was taken care of...He hooked me up with the right set...What makes that super chill is that I did not get the 1st set from AllPro, directly.. They were used for "mock up" just before I got them...

Here is a pic of the wrong set.. can’t really tell from this angle that there was a gap between the Bolt and axel tube


Now the right ones.. Also had to tuck the exhaust up more



Happy with the ride height and the amount of up travel…

New Co2 mount.. Better than the old hose clamp I had in its place..


Swaybar disconnects…

Need a new CB antenna

All ready for SoCal Takeover.. New Tie downs for the secondary toolbox and cooler

Other than that i'm going to hold off until after Takeover for any more mods.. I still need to get my front 4.88's and ARB set up.. Already have the rear with 4.88s. So half the battle is over..